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Paperback novella, matt card cover, 250pgs, A5 size, spine 20mm

Cover design an original watercolour painting by the author 2016

Published by Vitrified Studios, Qld Australia 

Printed in Melbourne, Australia by Implant Media Print books


Alternative contemporary fiction set along the coast roads of the Australian landscape. A ghost story, road trip saga, coming of age tale, a portrayal of connection and strength, and the light and shade of living. 


'I had a visitor. He had a hole in his heart and I saw the light of evening shine straight through.  The remorse was misty, like when you wake up too soon and catch the night change to day. Misty like walking the dog in Winter, like footprints on damp grass, like breath and numbness. 

I was seventeen and began to sew myself to his side, stitch by desperate stitch.' 


Cataloguing publication details ISBN-978-0-646-87835-5 

Paperback novel ~ Sage's Son

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